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About Plivo

We, at Plivo, make it easier for businesses and software developers to use cloud-powered Voice and SMS communications.

We offer HTTP APIs that let you build Voice and SMS applications or integrate such capabilities into your web or mobile application in any web standard language. We simplify the notorious complexity of the telephony business into a simple infrastructure service for you: we take care of everything from carriers contracts to call quality and messaging deliverability to technical support.

We've helped businesses of various sizes to build common Voice and SMS applications for their customers, the product and team such as customer call center, web conference, SMS notification and more. At Plivo, you can easily build a customized solution that exactly meets the sophisticated needs of your business, which you cannot with ready-made solution providers very often.

Our story goes back to 2011, when our two founders, Mike and Venky, accidentally exchanged messages on Github. They've been seeking a robust communications platform to develop and integrate Voice and SMS capabilities for their web applications. They couldn't find any platform that matched their standard, so they decided to build their own solution; hence Plivo Open Source, which soon after was turned into a full-featured cloud platform, Plivo Cloud.

Investors & Partners

Our Story So Far

Free Trial Account - Oct 23rd

Plivo launches Free Trial Account with API Demos.

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) - Aug 14th

Plivo launches its open carrier model named BYOC.

WebRTC to SIP Support - Jan 15th

Plivo launches its WebRTC to SIP gateway.

Seed Round - December 3rd

Plivo raises seed round of $1.75M from top-tier investors in Silicon Valley.

Goes International - Aug 13th

Plivo launches local phone numbers in 50 countries in just a month.

Public launch of Plivo Cloud - July 9th

Plivo launches its public cloud on Techcrunch.

Y Combinator - May 28th

Plivo gets selected as a part of Y Combinator (S12).

First Team Member - Jan 10th

Nishad joins Plivo as the first non-founding team member.

Angel Round - December 21st

Plivo raises its angel round of 250,000 USD.

Plivo Inc. Established - September 10th

Mike and Venky decide to start a business around Plivo.

The Morpheus Batch 6 - June 26th

Plivo becomes a part of the Morpheus Batch 6.

First Media Coverage - June 2nd

Plivo Open Source covered by Read Write Web.

The Beginning - Plivo Open Source - April 7th

Development of Plivo Open Source started by Mike and Venky.

In the Press