Conference Record

The following actions can be performed with the Conference/Record APIs:


Start Recording a Conference

Method: POST

Optional Parameters

Parameter Description
file_format The file format of the record can be of mp3 or wav format. Defaults to mp3 format.
transcription_type The type of transcription required. The following values are allowed:
  • auto - This is the default value. Transcription is completely automated; turnaround time is about 5 minutes.
  • hybrid - Transcription is a combination of automated and human verification processes; turnaround time is about 10-15 minutes.
transcription_url The URL where the transcription is available.
transcription_method The method used to invoke the transcription_url. Defaults to POST.
callback_url The URL invoked by the API when the recording ends. The following parameters are sent to the callback_url:
  • api_id - the same API ID returned by the conference record API.
  • record_url - the URL to access the recorded file.
  • recording_id - recording ID of the recorded file.
  • conference_name - the conference name recorded.
  • recording_duration - duration in seconds of the recording.
  • recording_duration_ms - duration in milliseconds of the recording.
  • recording_start_ms - when the recording started (epoch time UTC) in milliseconds.
  • recording_end_ms - when the recording ended (epoch time UTC) in milliseconds.
callback_method The method which is used to invoke the callback_url URL. Defaults to POST.


HTTP status: 202

  "api_id": "2867b6e2-58c3-11e1-86da-adf28403fe48"
  "message": "conference recording started",
  "recording_id": "93bc7c6a-3b2b-11e3",
  "url": "",


  "record_url": "",
  "conference_name": "myroom",
  "message": "record_done",
  "api_id": "2867b6e2-58c3-11e1-86da-adf28403fe48"

Stop Recording a Conference

Method: DELETE




HTTP status: 204


  "message": "conference recording stopped",
  "api_id": "2867b6e2-58c3-11e1-86da-adf28403fe48"

Asynchronous Mode

All Plivo APIs can be invoked in asynchronous mode with the inclusion of the callback_url parameter. Note: In asynchronous mode, you will only get back a response with the api_id. The response is sent to the callback_url which is fired immediately after execution of the Plivo API. See API Request and API Response for more information.

Asynchronous Parameters

Parameter Description
callback_url The URL that is notified by the API when the response is available and to which the response is sent.
callback_method The method used to notify the callback_url URL. Defaults to POST.

Asynchronous Response

The Asynchronous Response is sent in json format in the response field.

See the API Response section for more information.