Plivo Rolls Out Free Trial Account that Lets You Do Voice Calls and SMS

You asked and we've listened.

As of today, we will upgrade your Developer account to Free Trial accounts. Free Trial account is a lot more powerful than Developer account: not only can you try out international voice calls and SMS to regular phone numbers, but also you get one free local US phone number and have full access to API demos with code examples.

plivo API demo page

Free Trial Account will be available only for the first 10,000 new registrants as well as for the existing users who have Developer accounts. So make sure to secure your seat before it's long gone.

How Do I Get Free Trial Account?

If you're new to Plivo, you just need to sign up. If you already have an account, you just need to log in. Note that we require you to verify your phone number for full access to demos and a number For security reasons.

If you want to quickly get started with Plivo, check out our new Getting Started examples.

Other features such as number porting will still be limited to Upgraded accounts. See below for a full comparison.

Account Comparison

Features Developer account Free Trial account Upgraded account
Local Phone Numbers No 1 Free local US Number* Yes
Make voice calls to any number No Requires phone verification Yes
Send SMS to any number No Requires phone verification Yes
Toll-free Phone Numbers No No Yes
International Phone Numbers** No No Yes
Phone Number Limit 0 1 Unlimited***
Number Porting No No Yes
Custom Caller ID for Voice Calls No No Yes

* Limited to the first 10,000 new registrants and those with existing Developer accounts
** International Phone Numbers mean non U.S. phone numbers.
*** Rates apply

plivo API demo page